Three-legged puppy is taken care of by cats after his mother tried to eat him


Nicolas was born the smallest of all 8 puppies. But suddenly his mother ate her three children and was about to eat him.

He was fighting for his life when the Good Samaritan intervened and saved his life.

Ale Oviedo intervened and took him in to make him happy, he wanted to help him live a normal life and give him lots of love and care!

Ale reveals that she met Nicholas when he was over a week old.

His mother had already eaten three puppies and was trying to save him. He must have bitten his paw. She took him home and started taking care of him and his cats.

The cats quickly adopted the puppy and quickly became friends with him. She fed the puppy every three hours and changed the bandage on her paw almost daily.

The kittens also loved him and took care of him. Thanks to this care and love for animals and a caring person, he became a wonderful, and most importantly, healthy dog!

For Nicholas, this was a real adventure, and he was lucky to find a master for him and a beautiful and loving home.

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