The monkey sharpens a stone and breaks the glass fence of the zoo with it


This video was published by a zoo in Henan province. In the video, a Colombian monkey smashes the glass wall of an enclosure with a rock to escape.

The visitors saw it and were very surprised.

The monkey sharpened a stone and began to knock it on the glass, but she was frightened by the noise and ran away from the enclosure. But later returned to admire his vandalism.

The staff said that this monkey was different and much smarter, able to crack a nut with a stone when others crack it with their teeth.

But they never thought that the monkey could touch this glass.

After this incident, all the stones were removed from there, and the glass was made stronger and harder so that the animals could not escape.

The monkey has probably already figured out what to do to escape from the zoo. What do you think of zoos? Do you think their existence is correct?

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