A day in the life of a busy 83-year-old cowgirl who says horses are less trouble than men


There was a very special person once on an episode of an Australian TV show in 2017. The host of the show traveled to the remote corners of Australia, interviewing people who have any inspiring stories.

In this episode, the cameras show a small town in the northeast of Victoria. Korryong is located in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. Story 83-year-old Joan Sinclair lived on a huge farm and simply adored horses.

She has lived there since she was six weeks old. Joan has spent her entire life in the countryside of northeast Victoria. She married twice, but, unfortunately, survived both.

The years have made driving more comfortable than walking. As a child, riding was the only way to get to school. Since childhood, she has always had special feelings for horses in her heart. And these feelings remain.

Her father ran the farm when she was little and she often joined him. She told the host of the show that it’s a different world when you come out of the bushes.

She decided not to look for another husband anymore, but simply stay with the company’s horses. “There are far fewer problems with them than with men,” she jokes.

She doesn’t even consider herself special, but her friends and family definitely do. She still rides horses and herds cattle eighty years later. If only we could all age so well and beautifully!

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