Thanksgiving: A couple in the US prepared 80 meals for animals at a shelter


As we know, almost every nation has its own version of the autumn harvest festival. The fields have been cleared, the warehouses have been filled, the gardening has been completed, and it’s finally time to celebrate the end of the season!

In the United States, it’s Thanksgiving, which the New York Animal Shelter celebrated in a big way this year!

Rob and Hillary themselves initiated 80 individual meals for the residents of this shelter. They prepared specially for them only the most healthy and delicious homemade food!

The menu included boiled turkey, white meat without fat, fresh green beans, mashed pumpkin, because in the USA pumpkin is the main symbol of the harvest festival, it is a generally accepted symbol.

On this day they cook or roast the turkey. But animals still do not need harmful fried food, so this is a more suitable lunch for them.

The initiative of the family caused a storm of enthusiasm on social networks! It was a great idea as all animals deserve such attention and a delicious dinner!

It’s not about food, but about caring for animals that undoubtedly deserve it.

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