The abandoned puppy is afraid to fall asleep for fear of being abandoned again and finds solace in the child


A small puppy named Callie was very scared and asked people for help after he was tied to a fence and abandoned. His sad sounds attracted the attention of a kind man who decided to save her and bring her home.

This video shows Callie’s touching reaction to her new home. The man lets Callie sit next to the sleeping baby.

The puppy has spent several days alone and is abandoned, he is definitely tired and wants to sleep.

At that time, he was very sleepy, but he refused to lie down and sleep, fearing that they would leave him again.

When he could no longer keep his eyes open, he did so in the sweetest way.

Callie snuggles up to the baby and sleeps on it for extra comfort! The presence of the child is very comforting to him, and he finally falls asleep peacefully.

Looks like the puppy has finally found a true friend for life! This video is sure to make you smile!

Watch the video below as Callie struggles to sleep in her new home! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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