A big hare sheltered a pregnant dog in his lair, where she gave birth to her cubs


Animals always surprise us with their unusual gestures. They are all very sweet creatures and very often sympathize with other people’s misfortunes.

This incident with a small hare occurred in the city of Omsk. This hare belonged to a breeder: he had a very wild nature and no longer wanted to live in affection.

One day he ran away from the farm and built himself a house, it was a small hole near the woman’s house, in the same area.

The woman said that she could not and did not risk playing with a hare that was prone to attacks. But he would never refuse the delicious food she gave him.

One day a woman saw a dog enter her lair.

At first, the woman thought that he wanted to eat the hare, but it seems that they lived together in a hole, completely peaceful!

And that’s not all, the dog gave birth to three small dogs, but suddenly disappeared after a few weeks. The hare adopted the puppies and took care of them like a real father.

As the days passed, the three children began to explore and go outside the hole. They were two pretty girls and a pretty boy.


When they come out, the rabbit gets nervous. He followed them and pushed them back into the cave.

This giant hare surprised everyone with his benevolent behavior: he protected the puppies from the bitter cold and tried to force out the presence of the mother. This is a great lesson in kindness!

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