A deaf man took a deaf puppy and communicates with him in sign language


Meet Nick Abbott, 31, deaf from birth. He found his best friend, a cute little puppy who was also deaf. They are the perfect and inseparable couple. Nick saw a post about him on his Facebook news feed.

He was also deaf and one day he decided to go to him to get to know him. The puppy was then only six weeks old when he was rescued and handed over to the rescue service.

The puppy had convulsions, he contracted an infection. And after recovery, he was immediately given up for adoption. As soon as he was brought home from the veterinary clinic, they discovered that he had hearing problems.

He didn’t let problems bother him despite being a typical puppy. He had a stormy start in life, and everything ended with a completely fabulous end.

Emerson was looking for his eternal home. Nick quickly asked them about the dog and they agreed to meet soon. He walked right up to his door, sat right at his feet, and just stood there.

You could say he chose it. And both immediately realized that they would get along well and understand each other.

They have an incredible connection! They understand each other very well. He has always been a special puppy, they understand each other very well because they are both unique!

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