A street puppy with a fractured skull surprised veterinarians with his strength and was ready to fight for his life


The four-week-old dog had a skull fracture that caused him severe discomfort and swelling and was found crying alone in the grass. He could only let out soft moans.

The dog was so happy to be picked up because he knew he was being picked up to help. Unfortunately, the only thing he found out was that he was abused and abandoned.

The vets took the puppy to the clinic for treatment and named him Nuan. He was immediately given painkillers and intravenous fluids, and the wound was bandaged.

Luckily, the dog got much better and the wound on his head began to slowly heal.

Unfortunately, his legs did not obey, but the rescuers did everything to get him back on his feet.

Rescuers expected Nuan to make a full recovery because he was very brave and strong. Luckily, he’s fine now, playing and running the way he deserves.

He can also go to a permanent home, as he has already fully recovered!

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