When the newborn was crying, the Doberman tried to calm her down by giving her his favorite toy


This is Nick Elliot and he became a father for the first time in early July. Days passed and newborn Maisie and her mother Hailey returned home.

Naturally, the parents were very worried at first. They thought about how their Doberman would react to a new family member, a small child.

We are always very interested in the first reaction of pets when they first see a new little member of their family.

In the family of Nick and Hayley, the same case: their Doberman always got along with his owners, he always understood them.

Dogs are always affectionate with children, allow them to stroke.

It turns out that Tommy is the perfect babysitter. The Doberman is a very smart and attentive dog, they knew they could trust him.

He was very worried, sat down next to Maisie and carefully looked at the newborn.

The dog is always ready to protect his little girl from everything. When she cried, Tommy always tried to somehow calm her down, he brought her her favorite toy.

Nick and Hailey can keep quiet because the dog won’t come to the child.

Parents firmly believe that when the dog and the child grow up, they will undoubtedly become the best inseparable friends in the world! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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