One look at his face and they said he needed to be euthanized, but the vet objected and believed in his power


The puppy was in a rather deranged state when he was taken to animal control.

His face showed clear signs of trauma and abuse, he was choking heavily and this meant that he was on the verge of death.

It was unanimously agreed that he should be euthanized, but Dr. Curry at the veterinary ranch was not going to give up just yet.

She thought the puppy’s fractures could still be healed because he was young and hardy. They later discovered that his most pressing problems were a dislocated jaw and cracks around his nasal cavity.

After that, Dr. Curry realized that the muzzle of the puppy will always remain slightly sunken.

But aside from the permanent crooked bite, asymmetrical eyes, and a few tooth extractions, the puppy has completely taken on a happy and carefree life!

Dr. Curry went above and beyond to change this dog’s life! The puppy now lives like a king in his new forever home.

He did not even think that he looked different, he just wanted to live with his loved ones, and he succeeded thanks to the amazing work of Dr. Curry and his team!

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Watch the video to learn more about this cute puppy !

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