Poor cat was abused, used for target practice and finally found the perfect home


Meet Comet, a one-year-old Florida cat who was found lame and blind in one eye after being shot with an air gun.

Luckily, the rescuer took him to Helping Paws, where the staff removed the pellets from the injured cat’s entire body. But the injuries of the Comet did not end there.

He was limping and had difficulty because his leg was infected and broken in four different places. Unfortunately, the severity of Comet’s injuries left the veterinarians no choice but amputation.

But the amputation has come at a cost, especially for a non-profit relief organization struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic. Lucky for the cat, readers learned the comet’s sad story and helped fund the leg surgery!

„Thank you for your support of Comet, our cat who needed serious medical attention after being mistreated by his owners,“ Comet’s caretakers said.

„We are pleased to inform you that Comet has been taken into the care of a veterinarian who can address his concerns, he has since undergone additional veterinary tests and procedures and is on the road to recovery,“ the Helping Paws Humane Society said in a statement.

Komet is already doing well and very happy in his new home with the people who love him. „Thanks again for helping to ensure that cats, one of whom is Comet, receive the best medical care so they can live their best lives!“

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