The dog goes to the beach every day to wait by the ocean for his owner, a fisherman who died at sea


Dogs are very loyal to their owners, even after they are abandoned. They have high emotional intelligence and understand when their loved ones have died and can even mourn them in their own way.

Jolie Media was visiting a resort town in California when she noticed an unusual sight: a dog was on the beach all alone and staring at the ocean.

Jolie watched the dog, stroked him, but he did not want to do anything, he just looked at the waves. Jolie thought he was abandoned and took him in with her family.

But soon a man showed up and explained that the dog was on the beach every day for some heartbreaking reason. In fact, its owner was a fisherman who passed away some time ago. Since then, he has been looking at the sea every day.

Dog Vagito understood that his master once went to sea and did not return. Maybe he realizes that his master is already dead and hopes that one day his master will return.

He got excited every time he saw boats. They were very touched by the history of the dog. But while Vagito’s story was sad, she was thrilled to know he wasn’t alone. The inhabitants of a small community take care of him, feed him and give him water.

The vet said he was cared for by a woman who lived nearby. Although nothing can replace the late owner of Vagito, whom the dog clearly loved very much, he still receives a lot of love from different people.

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