The story of a 12-year-old isolated cat who found a second chance at happiness


One day, a woman named Shona and her daughters decided to go to a shelter and feed the animals delicious food. They already had a cat and dogs they adopted from a shelter.

But at first the mother warned her daughters not to bring any more animals home, although they all loved them very much.

When they arrived at the shelter, the first thing they saw was a sadly sitting cat. He had sad eyes, he was without ears and with half a tail.

They said he was over 12 years old and no one wanted to take him in because of his age and appearance.

After the story, Shauna went up to the cat and hugged him, and then the cat began to purr and cuddle up to her.

The girls also wanted to hold the cat in their arms, and he happily purred and kissed them with his muzzle. When Shona and her daughters went home, the cat ran after them and did not want to let them go.

Shona understood that the cat would no longer find happiness there and the daughters agreed with her and decided to take the cat home and give him a chance to be happy, It was a real miracle and they could not just leave him there.

They named the kitten Oscar, he had already lost all hope of finding his family, but they came and his life turned upside down, he found his family where he was happy!

Oscar was deeply loved and never felt alone again.

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