A girl saves a pit bull from the tracks seconds before the train arrives


When animal rights activist Nina received a Facebook message about a pit bull in a park near the railroad tracks one day, she immediately rushed to the rescue.

He took his things and his dog named Teddy and, together with a friend who lived nearby, went to save the dog.

It was very difficult, because the dog would not let her near him and continued to run until he finally ended up on the railway tracks.

Seeing the dog there, he remembered that it was time for the train to arrive. He climbed onto the railing and slowly approached the frightened animal.

He himself was shaking with horror, but he really wanted to save him. Her friend started talking to her softly when the girl and her dog approached her. He hesitated for a moment, then allowed himself to be approached.

They were still on the tracks when the train arrived. Fortunately, they managed to leave in time and did not threaten anyone. Right after they left, the train passed by.

The dog now lives with Nina, who takes care of him and tries to find a permanent home for the dog. The girl says that the dog loves to be a pet and deserves a second chance in life, he deserves to be loved.

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