The puppy begs the runner to rescue him from the quiet place where he was abandoned


The puppy begged the runner to save him, he was abandoned in a quiet secluded place. He didn’t know where to go, just sat and waited for someone to rescue him.

When one morning a hungry little puppy met a jogger, he was walking his daily path on the outskirts of the city.

The dog was in shock after it was abandoned by the owner, who hid behind the bushes.

He immediately understood everything when he saw that the runner was watching him to make sure that the person was in order. So he started to follow him with a big sweet smile.

He also begged the runner to pull him to safety, rubbing his nose against his boots. He knew that he was a good person and that he could certainly help him.

Then he realized that leaving the puppy there would not be safe, as it was a wilderness where no one was around.

There was no one there, and there were not even houses, so he decided to take the dog with him and help him.

He decided to take the puppy home and then feed him. And later called the local animal shelter, where the dog managed to find a permanent home. What a great rescue by a runner!

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