An earless cat finally finds a home and a new best friend at the same time


Meet Potato, the beautiful, earless cat who always manages to steal your girlfriend. He lived on the streets of China until he was rescued by a local shelter.

Potato rescuers found him in a terrible state, he had been ill and neglected for 2 years and suffered from a rare swelling of the ear canals and auricles.

After attempting to remove the adenoma, the veterinarians advised the cat to have the canals and flaps completely removed after the tumor returned to prevent it from reappearing.

Luckily, Potato is currently recovering quite well and has managed to find a home for good and Horlick’s new best friend!

1. Potato’s New Best Friend – Horlik

2. Such a cute cat

3. Potato is now living his best life with his forever family.

4. Potato is now completely safe

5. He seems to get along well with his new best friend.

6. They constantly cling to each other

7. Potato is just convenient

8. Tangled Potato

9. Horlik’s ears are enough for two

10. Happy birthday Potato!

11. Waiting for treats

12. Potato always seems quite playful and full of energy

13. Crown blow

14. Attack stance

15. Yin and Yang

16. Such a cool cat

17. Potato looks like an ordinary kitten

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