Moose mother turns man’s backyard into playground


One day, an Alaskan man named Roland opened the curtains during the summer to let early light into his home.

He wanted to work, but noticed something that interested him very much. From the window he watched a pretty picture.

Mother moose cow and sitting with her cubs on the man’s lawn. He only saw them when he saw them passing by his yard.

This mother moose and her children did not want to leave there, they seemed quite content to spend their day in this garden.

He thought it was very rare, so he took a couple of pictures with his phone.

He says that he then sat down to work, fully expecting the moose to leave, but they didn’t.

They just changed positions and just moved towards the light.

It was great for him to watch the babies messing around together.

They sometimes got up from their seats and began to walk.

He worked while keeping an eye on the moose.

He knew that they were wild creatures and said that he would always respect their space and give them the freedom to rest, especially if it was a mother with babies.

One of the children accidentally knocked over the pot while scratching his head on the pot!

They left and then returned again. On the way out, they tried everything and did what newborns do, putting everything into their lips.

Richard ran to his window at 7 p.m. after hearing a loud buzz coming from his backyard.

Suddenly, he noticed that another cow and her calves were walking through their property.

The mother and her children jumped to their feet and chased after them… It was an incredible day! If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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