54-year-old Julia Roberts is much more beautiful than many young stars


As some of us already know, Julia Roberts never goes overboard with makeup. Of course, she puts on makeup, but always quite a bit.

The actress also wears collected hair and appears in expensive clothes at social events. Julia is just as beautiful off screen?

Fans and paparazzi are trying to find out by taking pictures of the actress walking or shopping.

Photos of Roberts on a walk in the park appeared on the network. The actress herself looks natural, fresh and young, despite the fact that she is already 54 years old.

People are jealous of her looks. Fans agree that anyone who is going to become an actress should follow the example of Julia.

Not every star of his age can be like him. Some Hollywood stars are unrecognizable without makeup. But without makeup, the actress would look younger than she really is.

Although she is the mother of three children, she not only has healthy skin, but also a beautiful body. The secret to a beautiful body is simple!

Roberts leads a healthy lifestyle and tries to eat right. Another prerequisite is regular exercise in the gym under the guidance of a personal trainer.

Some skeptics say she can do it because she just has money. But other famous Hollywood actresses have had financial problems. However, they are in no hurry to get in shape.

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