A woman went out into the yard to feed street cats and found a kitten with only its front paws left


In 2017 in Berlin, a neighborhood resident named Merin systematically went out into her garden to feed street cats that were waiting for her. But that day, the woman discovered a new one that she had not seen before.

He attracted her attention with his strange gait, and only when she looked closely and realized that he had no hind legs. This gave the kitten a resemblance to some kind of dinosaur.

In her life, Merin met cats that did not have front legs – it was very difficult for them to pull themselves up on their hind legs, like a kangaroo.

But she had never seen a cat without hind legs, and it seemed to her that this was a much more complicated situation.

The kind woman watched as the kitten tried to eat, but his other, stronger brothers pushed him back into the miserable street life. Merin realized that he himself would not last long.

She wanted to take him, but he rushed forward and the hostess was incredibly surprised. She had no idea that with only two front legs, he could be so fast. Merin decided to at least try to gradually tame him.

Day after day, he approached the woman who was trying to win his heart by offering him a variety of delicious treats. The time came when she was able to take the baby, whom she named Rocket.

So the tacon returned to the Merin. At first, the kitten was not particularly enthusiastic about the human habitation; he was afraid of everything, wept loudly and hid in various hard-to-reach corners, where he remained unexpectedly.

But time put everything in its place – the baby got used to it and became a real house cat. And, of course, he was madly in love with his savior Merin!

As the cat became more familiar, Merin also introduced her to the other animals in the house, as she had several cats. If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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