An accidental injury left this puppy with one ear, and now he looks like a unicorn


After avoiding public outcry, Rae’s property created Golden Unicorn social media accounts.

We know that dogs love us for who we are, and we love them too. They don’t care what we do or how we look. In fact, they loved us no matter how we looked.

This is the pure definition of unconditional love, it is wonderful that we are learning to give them the same love and attitude again.

To prove that we love our dogs for who they are, we present Rae to you.

The story of this unique and beautiful dog, he has a lot of energy and loves to play, but he has an unusual appearance.

He had his ear removed due to an injury. However, over time, his right ear moved to the middle of his head.

This gave it a unique zest. That is why it is sometimes called the golden unicorn!

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