Funny expression on a cat’s face when she found out she was pregnant


In mid-April, homeless animals suffer in the ice and snow of Greenland. Few people can survive the „long“ winter frosts.

The cat named Ula was doubly lucky, he not only found shelter, but also learned something new about himself.

At the Direnes orphanage, Venner says he wants to contact him, but always expects to be caught and often looks stupid.

Soon there was an opportunity to share it with the whole world. After some time, the cat suddenly got fat, changed his habits and was sent for an ultrasound.

The smart machine accurately showed that Ula was pregnant and the birth was very close.

The surprise was not so much for people, but for the expectant mother, whom the shelter worker brilliantly managed to capture in a single photo.

Look at the expression on this cat’s face, she seems to be thinking. „Why am I having children?“

But the most interesting and most important thing is that this wonderful news helped Ole find a new home.

She has already moved to a new family and can stay there forever, and it is very likely that all the babies will be taken care of.

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