The owners found this kitten on an advertisement and fought for its life for an entire year


Simone has always dreamed of having a cat and was always looking for the right candidate.

And one day the Internet helped her realize her dream when she came across an ad that offered to take a fluffy kitten with green eyes.

Simone said that she fell in love with this kitten, that she really wanted to adopt him, that evening she and her husband went for a new pet.

The cat was very dirty and careless, but this did not stop them from adopting the baby.

Soon he was named Shuri. Everything was fine until one day they discovered that the cat was sick.

The new owners quickly took him to the veterinarian and found out that the cat not only had a fever, but also an infection at birth.

Shuri was 6 months old, but he already had thrombocytopenia. Of course, the owners were very upset, but they immediately began treatment and decided to put the kitten on its feet.

In general, the treatment lasted almost a year, and as a result, Shuri was able to overcome this ordeal! Now the cute cat is healthy and full of vitality!

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