This rescued dog sleeps with his bowl every night


Although Susan already had one dog, when she saw this dog on the Internet looking for a family, she was shocked that she decided to adopt him.

The dog’s name was Neville, he was very sad and desperate. It seemed that people were cruel to him, because now he was very nervous.

Rescuers told his story and asked for help. Susan says the dog was very hungry and as soon as they entered the house she fed him. At home, she introduced him to their other dog.

In many cases, dogs find it difficult to get used to a new life because they have gone through so many hardships in the past.

Susan had to work for a long time after the dog to get used to the new conditions. When the cute little dog realized he needed to eat from his bowl. He took everything with him wherever he went.

He loved food and instead of playing with another dog, he spent a lot of time in front of his bowl.

This story has a strong message: we should always help homeless animals and fill their lives with love!

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