Dog and cats become true friends


An employee of a British animal shelter shared a very touching and vivid story on the Internet.

She said that tiny kittens were brought to their facility a few weeks ago. These newborn babies were found by passers-by along the highway.

Since it was difficult to keep them in the shelter, Rachel decided to take care of them herself. Rachel took the kittens with her.

Waiting at the house was a black Labrador, also a former pupil of the Battersea Orphanage, named Bertie.

The dog welcomed the kittens into his company and Rachel’s and cared for them generously. The woman fed and cared for the animals, while the owner patiently taught them how to bathe, take out the trash and play with them.

The nanny and her dog looked after the babies for two months. The kittens have grown up and learned to be independent.

The nurse said that the dog is an excellent nanny, very caring and patient. You can constantly watch and admire how these wonderful animals take care of each other.

They became the most faithful, best and irreplaceable friends! And the dog to this day does not stop caring and helping cats. If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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