Pregnant street dog shot 17 times gets new life as a dedicated therapy dog


There are many stories related to the use of violence against dogs. And one such horrific story is that of Maggie, a child prodigy who was found on the street chained to a box.

Rescuers were sure that he had been severely beaten. He had several bullet wounds and his ears were cut off. Several bullets hit him in the eye and blinded him.

In addition to all this, this homeless dog was also pregnant. She was taken to a Wild at Heart Foundation shelter to be taken care of and prepared for adoption.

Some time later, Casey Carlin heard about his story and decided to take him home.

Carlin said it was very difficult to get the pet out of Lebanon, but after recovering enough, the dog finally joined the new family.

It’s amazing how this dog had to live without eyes and ears … But Maggie has no problem with their incomprehensible passion for life.

Carlin says that even though the dog has gone through so much cruelty, she is beautiful and full of energy.

Maggie’s incredible story proves to us that a little hope can go a long way too! If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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