A lost dog smiles for the first time when his owner finally finds him


Employees of Washington-Johnson City have been waiting for years for this dog to emerge from its nest.

No matter what they did to him, no matter what they gave him, he remained sullen, did not even smile, and did not even move his tail.

The owner of this shelter says that it’s just his nature, he is always shy and secretive.

Before he ended up at the shelter, it was revealed that he lived on the street all the time and got food from strangers. Volunteers did their best to finally get the dog out of this situation and win his trust.

One day, they decided to share a photo of a dog on social media that changed his life a lot.

After some time, the shelter received a letter from a man saying that it could be his dog.

True, at first he was not sure, so the volunteers sent more photos.

Finally, the dog finally started to smile! If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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