Homeless elderly cat with serious health problems has undergone an incredible transformation


Homeless animals are miserable, but some homeless cats are more miserable than others due to their state of life, age and health.

Even after being rescued, these animals are the least likely to be adopted, and many shelters still refuse them due to myriad problems.

But the Frisbee is lucky. When rescuers found him some time ago, the poor boy was covered in mud and mats after so many days of wandering the streets.

Despite being rescued, this cat has come a long way to live in the world as a normal cat, and thankfully, the Cat Rescue Society of Massachusetts has graciously adopted him.

He was first found outside, very confused and very hungry. At the time, Frisbee was about 10 years old, looking at his scruffy appearance, one could tell that he spent a lot of time in street fighting.

After feeding him, they first shaved off the matted wool and carpets, which took them several hours. But that’s not all of his problems.

Half of his teeth were missing. And those that remained were to be removed. He had a very persistent oral stomatitis that required lifelong treatment.

The pitiful kitten also tested positive for IVF. Frisbee stayed with them for several months to overcome serious health problems, and during this difficult time, he was always very happy to express his love and gratitude to them.

Finally Frisbee was ready for adoption. The red-haired boy quickly found someone who really adored him.

They knew they had to drive an hour and a half to visit him. It was love at first sight between him and his new owner. He was so happy to be a spoiled house cat! …

Buffy (formerly known as Frisbee) is now enjoying the good life with Donna and her sister, Baby. Thanks to these wonderful people, our world is always beautiful. Have a good life, Buffy!

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