People are doing their part to help the island of cats in Brazil, who eat corpses out of hunger


The island west of Rio de Janeiro has been home to hundreds of cats for many years. For this reason, it has become a famous tourist attraction. Tourists eat it non-stop and leave food for cats.

But when the pandemic hit earlier this year, the island was put on lockdown and the cats went crazy. They began to eat the corpses of other dead cats on the island.

It is called Furtada Island and is only 20 minutes away from the town of Mangaratiba. The island has green forests and bays with hundreds of small islands.

Over the years, fishermen regularly dumped carcasses and unwanted catches on the island, and over time, the cat population grew to hundreds.

When the pandemic forced quarantine and killed tourism for several months. Restaurants in Brazil have also been closed, reducing demand for fish and seafood.

As a result, the island was left without tourists and this led to the death of many cats. After hearing stories from fishermen that the cats had gone feral due to a lack of food, local animal groups began collecting donations from local businesses.

They also made rudimentary food and water dispensers out of PVC pipes and refilled them regularly.

After it was broadcast in the media, many people took part in it. Their origins can be traced back to a couple who lived on the island decades ago.

They are the only inhabitants who left the island after many years of existence, leaving behind their two cats. The rest belonged to Mother Nature.

Unfortunately, the island has also become a place where people dump unwanted animals. The authorities are trying to put an end to this disgusting behavior that does not help anyone.

Animal welfare agencies are also doing their best to help by calling for action to stop people from leaving pets on the island.

We hope that it will bloom again, as it did before the pandemic! If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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