A touching story of how a horse says goodbye to its owner at his funeral


There is a very strong bond between animals and humans, especially when something very serious happens. This horse’s heart broke when she learned that she had lost her owner, a close friend.

The owner was only 34 years old, and he had a terrible accident. He was from Paraguay and was a cowboy. Unfortunately, he passed away on New Year’s Eve in Brazil.

The cause was a terrible and unfortunate car accident.

The horse was taken to the owner’s funeral, during which what she did brought everyone to tears. There were tears in everyone’s eyes.

The horse and its owner were very good friends who competed together in many competitions for almost ten years.

Wagner tried to take care of the horse, he and his brother were very fond of horses. They even thought every day about how to feed this horse. He even forgot his life and his daily problems.

The accident happened while he was driving his motorcycle. He was taken to the hospital and an operation was started, but Wagner’s life could not be saved.

Many people felt his loss, including his horse. He also went to say goodbye to his master for the last time, and it was really touching.

What the horse did was shocking and incredible. The horse passed by the coffin and smelled the coffin. The horse had warm and sincere feelings for its owner.

The horse went to stand next to the coffin, from where he could smell the coffin and could not control his emotions. This is truly a heartbreaking sight.

From that day on, the horse lives with his owner’s brother, Vando, and finds a lot of love and warmth, although he still misses his owner.

The feelings of animals for their owners are indescribably beautiful and sincere. If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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