A California woman encounters a cougar in her yard, her faithful dog attacks to protect her


A rescued dog in California decided to protect her family rather than run away when her owner opened her front door and saw a huge cougar staring at her.

The 43-year-old woman didn’t expect her dog Rocky to behave like this. She describes Rocky as „cute, very gentle“ and „non-aggressive dog“.

She says that she opened the door and saw the cougar looking at her. She was very afraid.

The owner adopted Rocky from an orphanage for his playful nature, he was very lively. Rocky showed gratitude to his savior by attacking and protecting the cougar.

His defensive instinct took over his brain, it was really terrible. He attacked a real cougar! They both quickly disappeared from view.

Fearing for the life of her dog, owner Mary and her family set out to find their dog. Suddenly there was a bark, and they stopped. They were very scared and realized that something was wrong.

They quickly took out flashlights and climbed the hill. About half an hour later they heard footsteps approaching.

They were terrified that they didn’t know who the footprints belonged to until they saw it was Rocky. He ran up to them and fell into their arms.

Fortunately, at dawn, the family managed to take Rocky to the vet. He was bleeding, his breathing was weak. Mary said that there were huge bite marks on the dog’s head and throat.

Three weeks later, the dog has recovered, but he still has some concerns when it comes to walking in the park.

In addition to expressing her surprise and gratitude for the courage of her faithful dog, Mary wanted to warn her neighbors about the danger of the cougar and ask them to be careful.‘

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