The little dog cried when he saw his best friend, the cow, who was sold by the owners


We all have a lot to learn from animals. One of them is their dedication and loyalty. All animals have unique feelings and are able to empathize with us. We can’t even imagine how devoted they are to us.

The family had been noticing the amazing company of their dog and cow for some time now, but thought it was normal. They could not even imagine how close they were to each other.

They realized this too late and decided to sell their cow. This cow has always been the mother of a small dog. They adopted the dog when he was very young and have always loved and taken care of him.

The dog had a lot of contact with the cow, and when the cow was already being transported by truck, he almost cried, screamed and asked them to stop.

He even ran away from the truck to stop them, but the owner drove him home. The poor dog was very sad because of the absence of his friend and all his energy was gone, he did not eat or drink anything.

They tried in every way to console him and make him happy, but it was all to no avail. He realized that he had to return the cow in order to make his dog happy again.

The next morning he went and brought the cow, he wanted the puppy to be happy and brought his best friend. His joy knew no bounds!

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