The traveler finds a dying dog with bullet wounds and carries it in her arms for an hour to call for help


Once a traveler found a dying dog with serious gunshot wounds and carried him for an hour to find help.

A woman named Andy Davis, on one of her hikes in the mountains, found a two-year-old pit bull, he was half dead and lying on a stone.

She was shocked to see that he had serious gunshot wounds and was bleeding heavily.

Andy gave her water, but she knew he was barely holding on. So she took him in her arms and rushed to the mountains.

For almost an hour she carried this 47-pound dog, praying for his life. Thanks to Andy’s heroic act, the pit bull is finally out of the game! Andy named him Elijah and decided to take him home.

Elijah quickly recovered, because in the new house he was surrounded by love and care.

Today, Elijah is already friends with Jessie, Andy’s 10-year-old daughter, and three other pet dogs. Thank you Andy for not giving up, well done! It was a spiritual journey of survival!

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