Elderly couple of lions say goodbye to the world together


This incident took place at the Los Angeles Zoo. The employees had to say goodbye to this beautiful couple, they were a real couple who could not live without each other.

The reason for this was the disease caused by their age. This affected their quality of life.

Park workers had to part with them. The couple was brought to the zoo six years ago. As soon as they arrived, they fell in love. Thanks to them, the garden was filled with love and positive emotions.

They both became a source of happiness for the entire staff.

Unfortunately, the employees left this wonderful couple, the only thing that calms them down is that they left together, they will forever remain in each other’s hearts.

The average life expectancy of lions is 17 years, and this time has already passed.

The proof of their love is their hugs and headbutts, they couldn’t live without each other.

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