The girl protected the little cheetah and now they live together


This is Heather Tookey, 23, lives in Becknehamen, England. And in her family there is a very unusual pet.

This story began several years ago. And then Heather moved to South Africa as a seasonal volunteer.

She joined the Cheetah Reservation organization.

Volunteers took care of the adults too. It was a kind of romance that no one hid. The animals were meant to be trophies for wealthy buyers.

Then Heather had one brilliant idea: she must save the cheetahs. At least one! Heather launched the campaign through social media. She needed to raise some money.

The girl’s efforts paid off. All cheetahs are purchased and sent to nature reserves.

Heather contributed her own £5,000 and brought home a little cheetah kitten. So she got a new friend named Teardrop.

The efforts of the girl are not enough to completely close the business of breeding cheetahs for trophy hunting, as a lot of money is spinning in this business.

Heather could not close her eyes to this cruel occupation, Teardrop feels at ease in the company of her savior. The spotted animal is very affectionate and kind.

Heather and Teardrop take cute candid selfies.

Now the brave girl is not afraid, because next to her is such a devoted cheetah friend!

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