Incredibly cute 25-day-old dachshund puppies give us a glimpse into their normal day


Six adorable dachshund puppies and their mother rest in a puppy box filled with soft fluffy blankets. Have you seen anything cuter? ! Their little faces are the most bewitching sight for our eyes!

The first thing they do in the morning when they wake up is go to the bathroom! The owner put a piss pad for them in a plastic box to hold the puppies one at a time.

After everyone went to the bathroom, it was time for breakfast. We don’t find it very attractive, but the puppies really like it. The puppy puts its paw in a pile of food and walks away.

Toddlers eat too very slowly, so their mother finishes the plate.

They all begin to wander around the maternity ward, shaking and moaning. The five of them corner Mom and convince her that they need milk.

And the sixth approaches the woman on camera and seems to be fascinated by her red sweater. The mother dog is worried that one of the cubs is doing something else and turns to the owner.

It’s finally time to settle down again and their cozy bed and pee pads are waiting for them again. The „calm boy“ uses the toilet in the playground properly and all the dogs move there.

Mama Lou Lou sticks her head out of the box and looks straight into the camera to say goodnight, puppies! If you liked this, please share it with your friends and family.

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