The giant dog sat motionless on the highway, a family stopped the car to check what happened to him


Once the family was driving along the road to Kentucky when they saw a terrible sight: the dog was sitting motionless on the side of the road and next to him lay the corpse of another dog…

The family first left, leaving him, but they had to return to calm down and help him.

When the family approached the dog, they realized how traumatized he had been. The poor dog was standing next to the corpse of his friend, he received multiple injuries and was in a completely disoriented state.

When they asked about the two dogs, they learned other stories about them.

Apparently, they both belonged to a local resident who moved to another city. He abandoned them and they became helpless.

After that, the villagers tried to help him and give him a new life, but he chose to stay by his side.

This video shows the Ringstaff family fighting to save this huge forest dog. The way they rehabilitate a grieving dog and win its trust is heartbreaking.

They named him Tucker and he became their cutest pet! If you liked this, please share it with your friends and family.

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