The mother dog called for help as she was exhausted and couldn’t feed her children


This poor dog asked people to help her and her children because she was too weak to feed her puppies.

This mother dog had three puppies. The puppies cried and called for help because they had nothing to eat, they were too hungry and their mother was crying from impotence and inability to do anything.

They looked tired. The poor puppies lived in poverty and malnutrition from birth. The mother did not have milk to feed her little puppies.

A woman noticed them and took them to the vet. One of the animals was sick, the other two were healthy.

Here the dog was treated. She and her puppies were fed and cared for properly.

After 2 months at the shelter, she felt better and was able to take care of her puppies. She was finally able to feed the puppies, she even put on weight and every day she becomes more beautiful and stronger in spirit!

Luckily, there was a family that was able to groom a her with her little puppies. They now live together with a full stomach and most importantly – happy!

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