The mother fox returns to find the babies hiding on the porch of the house


Seven foxes were returned safe and sound to their mother thanks to the loaders. They worked for an organization known as Gates Wildlife Control and are based in Canada.

Their goal is to remove or move animals as gently as possible. They don’t care about expenses or money. Animal welfare is their top priority and goal.

There was a request to remove the cubs from under the porch of the house and they did it. There were many babies hiding there, so they had to remove most of the boards and search for them carefully.

They used an electric saw to carefully cut the wooden planks and see the little foxes. A total of seven were found.

After that, their work was not quite finished. The fox, of course, will come back for her children and will be worried if she does not find them where she left them.

They took all the foxes and put them in a box so the mother fox could find them. They knew where their mother would be looking, so they put the box in the back of this house.

It didn’t take long for her to find the box and quickly bring her children back one by one. After all, she took them all back to their lair!

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