A caring elephant helps his blind friend in everything


In the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, the three became very attached to each other. They all had a difficult life and it made them stronger.

The elephants are called Kabu, Chana and Ploytong. Kabu did not get along with Ploytong at first, but Chana acted as an intermediary between them. Now they are all three best friends.

Chana took on Ploytong as her second nanny. But in reality they all care about each other. Ploytong had been blind for many years, and Chana took on the role of his guide and decided to help him in everything.

Thanks to Chana, he has no problem exploring the elephant park. Before the rescue, Ploytong was taking tourists in a car, and the mother was a clumsy elephant, and she was a baby when she accidentally sprained her leg.

She broke her leg and separated from her mother. Now they survived all these efforts, and soon they were rescued and taken to their new home and new family.

The bond in their family is now inseparable. They enjoy nature and all the amenities that the park has to offer. They are well fed and always guarded.

Also in the park there is a wide river with running water, in which elephants love to swim. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and a beautiful green landscape.

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