Rescuers rescue two dogs stuck in a frozen pond for 20 minutes


In the town of Whitewater, Ohio, an incident once occurred: rescuers saved the lives of 2 dogs from a frozen pond.

Kimberly had 2 dogs who ran away from home because the door lock was broken. The neighbors saw them swimming in the frozen pond and informed the owner about it.

Kimberly immediately went there and saw that one of her dogs was in a very bad condition, she was cold and exhausted. He barely kept afloat.

He immediately called 911 and tried to find a way to save them. He thought about joining them on an inflatable boat, but it was a bad idea.

Rescuers arrived on time and were able to rescue them within 8 minutes. If they had arrived a little later, a lot could have happened.

They took the dogs to a veterinary clinic, where they tried to revive the dog for two hours, as it had difficulty walking.

Kimberly thinks that’s a lot of courage!

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