A homeless man breaks into a burning animal shelter and saves all the animals


Meet Keith Walker, he’s lived on the streets of Atlanta for over forty years.

This winter, a fire suddenly broke out in the kitchen of an Atlanta shelter, and this homeless man immediately rushed to save the animals.

He says he was very nervous and afraid to go into the fire and he hardly saw anything. He was willing to go there simply because he wanted to save the dogs‘ lives.

Dogs are our best friends. He says he loves them very much and knew he had to save all the other dogs that were in danger.

The shelter had a total of six dogs and ten cats and he managed to save them!

The founder of the shelter says he appeared at the right time and in the right place.

And the firefighters couldn’t help them because they only came to put out the fire.

At that time, the man was already there and embarked on this complex and responsible profession.

He said he has been living on the streets since he was 13 and now he is already 53. For so long he faced many problems but managed to survive.

And on top of all that, in his life he saved a lot of animals and continues to do so. It is truly worthy of respect.

The shelter staff allowed him to walk with a dog named Bravo, it was the same day the fire broke out in the kitchen and he became a hero!

Bravo is a big pit bull and a friendly dog.

Sometimes all we need is the confidence to be a hero! We wish him good luck !

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