A woman builds an igloo every year for her snow-loving dog


A Japanese woman named Miura from Toshima builds an igloo for her older dog every year because her dog loves snow and playing in the snow more than anything.

Many say he looked like a little polar bear sitting there. This beautiful tradition started almost 14 years ago when Koo was very young.

A dog named Koo has been living with her since she was three months old, and they love each other very much.

Toshimi says that the dog is going crazy with the snow, so he decided to make an ice shelter for him. He was sure he would like the dog.

Koo loved to spend time in the igloo, even if it was cold. To keep warm inside, the owner of the dog puts a blanket on the snow, dresses the animal and puts several candles inside.

And once he even dressed Ku in a panda costume and decided to take a picture of him. He looked very funny and beautiful, and the pictures were simply unrealistically beautiful!

We hope that Toshimi and Koo will continue their beautiful and interesting tradition for many years to come.

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