This unloved dog was so tired of a painful life that he refused to even lift his head


This stray dog ​​has lived a very difficult life full of many uncertainties.

He never had enough food, water or medical care. But he needs a sense of belonging. But all his hopes were dashed when he fell ill with severe scabies.

ATTENTION: graphic content!

The poor dog realized that he had become useless due to a terrible disease. People looked at him in disgust, and his various oozing wounds haunted him. He was desperate and cowered at the corner of the road.

An Animal Aid Unlimited employee discovered the dog and took it to the shelter. But now the dog was so weak that he refused to even raise his head or eat. He lost all hope for life.

Volunteers diligently washed his wounds and stroked. But the dog didn’t know how to react to the sudden sympathy coming from the humans. Slowly, he hugged his guardians, regained his appetite, and decided to live again.

After 10 days, the dog’s skin healed significantly, but the rescuers continued the treatment. After 2 months, the dog fully recovered and ran around the shelter like the sun!

What an incredible transformation! Thanks to all those wonderful people who worked together to save his life. What a miracle!

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The content of this video may upset some viewers. 

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