‚Ugly‘ dog with ‚human teeth‘ became unloved until woman fell in love with him


He’s Salty and he has a very pronounced overbite that makes his teeth look like a human’s.

While many visitors to the orphanage found her teeth ugly and grotesque, one family eventually fell in love with her and adopted her!

Together with the hostess Lucy they had a great time and were happy. But one day, Salty started chattering his teeth and his masters got worried.

As Lucy wondered what had happened, it grew louder and louder.

They realized that Salty wasn’t sick or scared, and that the reason for his unusual chattering teeth was love.

For the first time in his life he experienced so much love and comfort, and now his heart is bursting with happiness! Many often ask the family about Salty’s well-being, who should explain that this is an involuntary reaction, like a cat’s purr!

Lucy calls Salty the greatest gift of her life and she thanks her dog for helping her form priceless friendships!

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