The poor dog that was saved by the little girl’s family found peace with little Nora


Dogs are very gentle, kind and caring animals that are able to help people even in very difficult situations. They even fill our hearts with hope and love!

But there are times when these wonderful creatures need our help.

This story is about a dog named Archie and little Nora, who became friends from the first meeting. They are proof that a wonderful friendship can be created between a dog and children.

The poor dog, who was saved by the baby’s family, found peace with little Nora.

The dog had a very sad and difficult past, because his owners mistreated him and all this reflected very badly on his spiritual world. He was very confused and upset, especially when they approached him.

And fortunately, everything passed when one day he met a little boy who helped him forget the past and gain self-confidence. They fell in love from the first minute.

This connection delighted and amused them both: the dog followed the baby everywhere, even if he bathed or ate. And he was able to forget the painful past and feel safe.

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