Rescued hungry 14-year-old cat is so grateful that he now has a full belly


There are quite a few stories about rescuing little kittens, but in fact, adult cats need help too.

This honor goes to Raggedy Ann, who survived the hoarding. And although then he seemed very weak and scared, now he has changed in an incredible way for the better!

It turns out that this poor animal was kept along with many dogs and cats and was found thanks to the Society for the Protection of Animals. All the animals there were in very poor condition and suffered from malnutrition.

The employees of the organization immediately got to work. They thought that the cat could no longer be saved, and put his photos on the Internet in order to somehow help.

He was then transferred to Save One Life, where he would be cared for and prepared for adoption. Only the cat’s bones were too thin, he had almost no teeth left.

Everyone tried to make his condition more stable. Ann fought for her life at any cost. His adoptive mother was amazed at his determination and strength.

All possible conditions were created to make him feel good.

The cat was really brave and fought for his life at any cost! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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