A domestic cat meets a small orphan cat and hugs him


In early October of this year, Rosa found a small homeless kitten.

The baby needed urgent medical attention, and the girl took him to the vet. Fortunately, miraculously managed to save him.

Rosa named the kitten Opie and took him with her. She was worried about her cat Andy’s reaction to the new pet.

As soon as Andy heard Opie’s plaintive meow, he immediately ran to him.

And then the sweetest thing happened: cute Andy hugged the frightened kitten and began to care for him. Andy was able to surprise his master.

He showed real concern. The next morning Rose was awakened by their meowing, so they asked for their love and attention.

For the next 2 weeks, Rose got up every night to feed sweet Opie. After that, each time she climbed onto his chest and purred softly, falling asleep.

Now they have become inseparable. It has been 6 weeks since then.

The little kitten has a real family. Pets have become even stronger friends.

And Rose says that Andy is in awe of Opie and is always protective of him, she is so lucky to have them! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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