Boy walks 2 miles alone to save dying puppy


One day, an adorable 13-year-old South African boy from a poor area in Cape Town walked 2 miles alone to save his little puppy.

He suddenly noticed that his dog was not eating anything and was very worried about him.

He wanted to know what was wrong with him and decided to see who could figure out what the problem was.

One of the aid workers said that the dog was too thin, but the poor boy had no money to help the dog.

The staff said they would do everything to help him, despite the fact that the boy had no money at all.

They said they would at least try to find a family that would take care of them and of course thanked the boy for being so friendly and for choosing to help the poor dog.

To boost Nanook’s morale, he was regularly visited by other foster kittens from the shelter. Rescuers are already looking for a loving home for Nanook.

Thank you for such a kind and pure heart, my boy, be the happiest and thank you for helping the puppy!

Nanook is now in safe hands and is looking for his ideal family!

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