The mother really wanted to give birth to a girl and she succeeded for the 11th time after the birth of 10 boys


Meet Alexis Brett, the only mother of her kind in the UK. She became the first mother in the country to give birth to 10 boys in a row! It happened because she always dreamed of a daughter, but fate gave her ten sons in a row!

She gave birth to boys one by one from the age of 18, at 37 she gave birth to the last boy, and the eldest is now 18 years old.

When she finally came to terms with the fact that she would not be the mother of a girl and said that she was ready to give up her dream, she was surprised by the unexpected 11th pregnancy.

Being a mother of 11 children is not easy. But the boys have already grown up and help their mother in almost everything.

Sometimes she and her husband David look at each other wondering what they have done and why they have so many children. But then they realize that the happiness of having children next to them is worth it.

It would seem, what are they thinking? After all, if the family is happy and does not interfere with anyone, then what kind of court can there be? But it turns out that some people criticized the alien family.

They said, „If she wanted a girl, what stopped her from adopting a child after two or three boys?“ Everyone began to say that if everyone had 11 children, then the overpopulation of the planet would soon come to an end.

And while people were divided into the camp of condemnation and the camp of congratulations, there were also those who remarked with humor: “Guys, this is the eleventh!”. She should have been called that – Eleven, ”they joked, referring to the main character of the TV series Stranger Things.

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