The rat is friends with a much larger dog and completely trusts her!


Friendship has absolutely no boundaries, and these two are the best example of that!

Osiris, a three-year-old Dutch Shepherd, and Riff Rat, a three-month-old rat, strike up an unlikely friendship.

Despite the fact that they are drastically different sizes, the rat absolutely trusts his canine friend who allows him to lick, and does not even hesitate for a second to get into his mouth!

It all started with the fact that the Osiris family saved the life of a little rat, which at that time was one month old. His eyes were still closed and he had to eat from a syringe.

Osiris, too, was saved from wandering when his new owners found him alone in a parking lot at a very young age.

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The two friends somehow share a common past; Osiris is accustomed to taking care of other animals, as he has successfully completed therapeutic training, so he can help his owners in caring for new patients.

Their owners at first hesitated to gather them together in one place, but they surprised everyone with their perfect harmony.

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